Boston Asian MBA Association

About Us


Boston Asian MBA Association(BAMA) is a social networking platform powered by Asian MBA and International graduate students in Boston.


Our Mission

BAMA is a social networking platform powered by Asian MBA students in Boston area established in 2012, providing a forum for Asian MBA students who want to participate and lead initiatives related to Asia. BAMA supports Asian MBA students to better integrate themselves into the mainstream of student networking, to facilitate efficient exchange of cultural aspects among members and the professional networks, and to promote Asian community in Boston.


Our Goal

Build the awareness of BAMA at college/university and the relationship with professional firms in Boston.

Our Members

BAMA is comprised of Asian Business Clubs from seven graduate schools in Boston area, including both Asian and non-Asian, who share the mission of BAMA.


Asian Business Club at Babson College


Boston University

Asian Business Club at Boston University School of Management



Pan-Asian Leadership in Finance and Accounting (ASCEND) at Brandeis University



Student Organization Board at Emerson College



Asian Business Club at Hult International Business School



Asian Business Club at Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT Sloan)



Asia Business Club at Suffolk University


Our Programs 

  • Business forum
  • Leadership training
  • Inter-college networking
  • Co-campus tour
  • Business competition
  • Asian business trip